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EHR Transcription

Allow your doctors to spend more time with their patients. Allow the expert scribing team at Splendidthree Analytics and Data Solutions to chronicle patient contacts. Scribing allows doctors to devote 75% of their time to direct therapeutic engagement and only 25% to paperwork, they spend time working on EHR-related tasks unlike onsite scribes, who are limited to one-on-one connections with physicians, Splendidthree Analytics and Data Solutions’ virtual scribe solution assigns a primary scribe to 75 percent of a physician’s workload and divides the remaining patient visits between two back-ups. That way, if one of your scribes leaves the company or goes on vacation, your doctors won’t have to go back to their old recording practices until a new scribe is hired and taught from the ground up. You’ll never again be without a scribe. There’s no need to be concerned. Splendidthree Analytics and Data Solutions proud to follow the most curent HIPAA practices and procedures.