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General Transcription

Business transcription is the transcribing of audio recording that includes interviews, seminars, teleseminars, webinars, presentations, workshops, personal notes, meeting notes, conferences, and other items used for commercial or professional purposes. In other words, commercial transcription includes all types of transcription excluding medical and legal transcription. On a daily basis, the corporate sector produces a massive amount of audio and video content in the form of presentations, investor meetings, and conference calls. All of these are crucial, as they may contain essential financial information and be utilised to generate new company and competitive strategies. Business transcription ensures that all conversations about critical financial, marketing, and legal decisions in your company are documented. Access to the material for future referencing and record reasons, as well as time, effort, and money saved. You won’t need to hire a dedicated transcribing staff. Splendidthree Analytics and Data Solutions, Transcription hold its ground in providing professional corporate transcription services. We are dedicated to deliver exceptional customer service, high-quality transcripts, and timely delivery of transcripts. Splendidthree Analytics and Data Solutions is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality.